Welcome to MIO Construction, where we build your vision

Who we are


We are qualified and professionals in Civil Engineering, Architecture, Surveying and Geoinformatics, Estate Survey and Valuation, Town-planning, Building Engineering, Computer Designs. We are into construction of roads, bridges, house, estates, market, hospitals, hotels, etc. We are also into land surveying, properties management, importation and selling of building materials.

Our expertise cuts across new project, rehabilitation, refurbishing and maintenance of already existing projects. We cover the full spectrum of construction from new buildings including all ground works to refurbishing existing buildings. Our main aims are to build quality solutions, to build with the environment in mind and to build safely.

Sectors we specialize on


We cover the full spectrum of construction from new builds including all groundworks to refurbishing existing builds. Our main aims are to build quality solutions, to build with the environment in mind and to build safely.

With all our clients, whether existing or new, we build trust and long term relationships by creating added value to on-going property requirements


Our projects involve the construction of asphaltic and surface dressed roads, the expansion and rehabilitation of existing roads and infrastructure projects in various places across Nigeria.

Land surveying
& Bulldozing


MIO construction has experience and expertise to provide technologies and services, related to the managing of geographically reference information, specifically in MAPPING, SURVEYING and GEOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION SYSTEM [GIS]. We have experience team of professional Surveyors providing state-of-the-art survey support for large and complex engineering project
The company supplies services in all fields of acquisition processing, interpretation, storage, retrieval and maintenance of geographical data. The service range from conventional Land, Swamp, Geophysical and Hydrographic Surveying to Digital Mapping Projects, Computer Aided Drafting, GIS and photogrammetry technologies.
We conduct surveys on Land using latest technologies with various levels of expertise.

Real Estate


MIO Construction is one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Nigeria. Our experienced and dedicated team manages various residential properties from large single property units to blocks of flats and estates of big magnitude.
Our management encompasses all aspects of routine day to day, monthly and annual services. We provide a tenant focused service that works to build up a detailed knowledge of your property interests.
Our estate department handles leasing and sales of all types of property. The property leasing process in divided into two areas- we assist our clients in seeking properties to lease and also our property owners seeking tenants for their properties, whilst on the properties for sale, we act on behalf of the owner/purchaser in ensuring that both parties get a fair deal at all times.